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  • Apply Key Concepts using Real Life Scenarios with Individual Google AdWords.
  • Lifetime Access to KnowledgeWoods Digital Marketing Resource Center comprising of Videos Links, Templates, Checklists, Road Map etc.
  • Preparation for Google AdWords & Google Analytics Certification
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Description Digital Marketing Training – Practitioners Approach:- Knowlettwoods Digital Marketing Training is a 100 Hours Comprehensive Activity Driven Course that has been developed to assist participants with in depth understanding of Online/Digital Marketing Channels, Processes, Tools & Techniques. Upon completion of this Hands-On Digital Marketing Course, participants will be able to:
  1. Gain in depth understanding of Online/Digital Marketing Channels like Google AdWords, Social Media, Email, Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate & Mobile Marketing
  2. Create and Execute Digital Marketing Campaigns to Promote Product/Service and Increase Revenues
  3. Use Web Analytics to Analyze & Optimize Digital Marketing Campaigns
  4. Prepare for Industry Recognized, Google Certifications
  5. Get Assistance for cracking Digital Marketing Jobs Interviews at First Attempt
  6. Access to Online Resource Center for Downloadable Templates & Checklists which help you Excel at Work
Worldwide companies are spending close to 200 Billion US Dollars in Digital Marketing Campaigns. Given the complexity involved with each Digital Marketing Channel, Campaign Success depends upon the skills of Digital Marketing Professional to a large extent. As such, Formal Training/Certification in Digital Marketing has become an important parameter for Mid-Senior Level Sales & Marketing Jobs. Even at Entry Level (0-2 Year Experience), Skills in any of the key Digital Marketing Channels can help them get their First Job and start/enhance their career in the field of Digital Marketing. Request a Call Back Today & Allow our Digital Marketing Experts to help you choose between Classroom/LIVE Learning options and Kick Start your Digital Marketing Career.
Module Description Topics
Digital Marketing Snapshot Role of Digital Marketing in Traditional and new age businesses Capabilities of Digital Marketing Career in Digital Marketing Outlook What You Need to Start Digital Marketing 1.       Why Digital Marketing 2.       India Digital Marketing Trends and Forecast 3.       Career Outlook for Digital Marketing Professionals (Companies needed Digital Marketing Professional) 4.       Exploring Various Digital Assets :- Website Plan/Apps/Social Media Groups 5.       Asset-focused Content, User Experience and Navigation in-line with Business Goal 6.       Digital Marketing Roadmap 7.       Course Structure & Methodology
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Role of SEO to ensure Business visibility and branding How Search Engine works Myths and Misconception about SEO Acceptability Guidelines for Major SEO Coding Guidelines Using CDN to positively impact response time. Understanding On Page and Off Page Optimization Heat Map to determine content relevancy Why Should SERP matter to me? 1.       SEO Implementation Roadmap 2.       How to manage Domain & Hosting Panel 3.       Learn Site Planning 4.       Static and Dynamic Websites: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento Installation, Plugins 5.       Micro-format Data 6.       Site Navigation 7.       Page Speed 8.       Relevancy 9.       Keyword Research & Planning 10.    Content Plan 11.    Analytics and Webmaster Set Up 12.    Analytics and Webmaster Integration 13.    SEO Based Custom Reports 14.    On Page and Off Page 15.    Local SEO 16.    International (Multilingual) SEO 17.    Link Building Strategy (Guest Blogging, Forum Posting, Q&A, Blogging) 18.    Competitor Analysis 19.    SERP Check and Improvement
Google AdWords Introduction to Search Engine Management (SEM) & Display Ads Understanding importance of Google AdWords Fundamentals Outline Google AdWords Objectives Your guide to AdWords Create ads and campaigns Choose when and where ads appears Account administration and security Glossary – A must, Ads and approval Campaign settings Budget and bids Reach your audience Connecting goals to data Find and run reports Tracking leads, sales and data Understanding your data AdWords best practices Basic billing tasks and settings Ad placement on websites 1.       Selecting the Campaign Type 2.       Creating Relevant Ad Groups 3.       Adding Keywords Specific to Ad Group 4.       Concept of Negative Keywords and Search Terms 5.       Selecting the Network Type 6.       Choosing the Right Device 7.       Adding Demographic Information 8.       Language Selection 9.       Bids Strategy 10.    Budget Strategy 11.    Ad Extension Types 12.    Scheduling Ads 13.    Ad Rotation and Frequency Capping 14.    IP Exclusion 15.    Dynamic Search Ads 16.    Ad Types 17.    Audience Selection 18.    Auto Targeting (Dynamic Ads) 19.    Dimensions (Date, Time, Gender) 20.    AdWords Opportunities 21.    Conversion Tracking 22.    Reporting and Analysis 23.    About MCC 24.    Keyword Planner 25.    Display Planner 26.    Ad Preview and Diagnosis 27.    Managing Dashboard 28.    User Management 29.    Shared Library 30.    Billing 31.    Account Setting 32.    Linked Account 33.    About Google Support 34.    Bulk Operations 35.    AdWords Editor 36.    Customer Email Campaign 37.    Gmail Sponsored Promotion
Facebook Paid Advertising Reach Your right targeted audience in minimum time Basic and best practices of Social Media PPC Writing effective Ad tips know your audience better Monitoring and Optimizing your campaign Managing Your Budget Wisely Tracking Your Results 1.       Introduction 2.       Business Goal 3.       Budgeting 4.       Audience Segmentation and Selection 5.       Types of Campaign – Branding Vs Lead Generation Vs Awareness 6.       Advert Set 7.       Advert Types – Likes, Conversion, Mobile Apps, Video, Custom Audience 8.       Creative Design 9.       Remarketing 10.    Audience Selection 11.    Facebook 12.    Analyze and Audit 13.    Reporting 14.    Strategy 15.    Managing Response
Organic Social Media Marketing Account Creation Account Design Branding Checks Content Development Ideas Content Creation Get results from Infographics Transform Articles in Video and other formats Get better results by taking of Content Creative specification 1.       Business Goal 2.       Plan 3.       Type of Content (Photos, Videos, Text, Links) 4.       Content Generation 5.       Content Distribution Plan , Frequency 6.       Creative Design 7.       Analyze 8.       Reports 9.       Social Media Listening 10.    Page Design 11.    Group Plan 12.    Google Plus 13.    Facebook 14.    Twitter 15.    LinkedIn
Content Marketing How to develop ideas for Content Generation Converting ideas into plan Content design strategies Case studies Learn which content works where 1.       Research 2.       Content Plan & Strategy 3.       User Generated or Company Generated 4.       Type Of Content (Video, Images, Text, White Paper, Success Stories, Reviews, E books, Case Studies, Content Hierarchy) 5.       Content Creation (Title , SEO, Length of Content) 6.       Type Of Distribution , Re-Purposing Content, Reduce-Reuse-Repurpose 7.       Distribution (Paid and Organic) , Content Amplification 8.       Optimizing the Distribution Spend 9.       Social Media with Content Marketing 10.    Reports
Email Marketing Create a Seamless System for Subscriber for registration Selection of Email Sending Tools Increasing subscriber list Sending Types of Content on Subscriber List Designing Content Plan for Subscriber Leveraging list for boosting Sales figures 1.       Email Service Provider 2.       Email Goal 3.       Email Creative Design (Device Specific) 4.       Text Vs Image Vs HTML 5.       Best time to send email 6.       Landing Page Design 7.       List management 8.       Content Plan 9.       Auto Scheduler Mail, Auto Responder 10.    Ip Black List 11.    Spam Policies 12.    Subscriber List 13.    Opt In List 14.    Email Campaign Analysis 15.    Tracking 16.    A/B Testing 17.    Bounce rate
Mobile Marketing Learn Mobile Creatives Design basics integration of analytics with Ads Learn and Design effective ad campaign Increasing App Install Strategies Use of Social Media in Mobile Marketing Running AdWords ads for increasing number of Installs 1.       Mobile Apps 2.       Mobile Ads 3.       Type of Devices 4.       Connection Based Ads 5.       Types of Ads – Video, Image, GIF 6.       Report Analysis 7.       Customer Push Notification 8.       App Usage Reports 9.       Types of Apps 10.    App Demo – Video , Images 11.    App CTA 12.    App Discoverable location 13.    SEO – App Store Optimization 14.    Feedback and Reviews 15.    Affiliates 16.    Re Engagement
Web Analytics Understanding What do you need to measure? Get details of each metrics for better analysis of data Get insights which data can be helpful at what instant of time Get wide range of case studies Connect the data with CRM and make better decision making How real time data is beneficial Make better decision by analyzing data on time How integration is important while analyzing the Data? 1.       Demo 2.       Metrics Details 3.       Standard Reports 4.       Device Based Analytics (Web and Mobile Apps) 5.       Integration with Webmaster, AdWords Google Display Network 6.       Custom Report 7.       Events Tracking 8.       Goal Set Up 9.       Cross Device 10.    Google Tag Manager 11.    Users Permissions 12.    Assessing Google Analytics Data 13.    Alerts and Intelligence 14.    Experiments A/B Testing 15.    Re Marketing Code and List Management 16.    Third Party Tools Introduction


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