Introduction to PMP (Project Management Professional)

Over 2.1 million people are attempting to get PMP Certified at this time. Professionals in the field pursue PMP certification, which stands for Project Management Professional because it is a globally recognized professional credential made available by the Project Management Institute itself. Candidates who have completed a PMP Certification course can expect to make about 20% more money than those who have not. They can enroll themselves and seek a PMP certification at a number of colleges in India.

You may work in almost every industry with a PMP certification, and they are highly sought after in India. In places like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, it is much easier to find a job because there are so many IT and commercial businesses there. Even middle eastern nations like the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, according to the PMI study, reported higher pay for PMP holders than for non-PMP holders. After doing PMP Certification the candidates will have the ability to command more pay than your competitors help you win profitable employment in IT, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and other interesting fields.

KnowledgeWoods has been a Trusted Partner for the PMP® Certification Initiative with expertise in providing 3500+ Classroom PMP® Preparation Programs to 1,35,000+ participants in more than 200 territories. PMP has deep roots around the world and employs project management techniques that are very effective. The PMP course also covers current trends, emerging practices, and specific concerns in addition to the fundamental skills required of a project management professional. The function of the project manager in both large and small enterprises is now covered in a new component of the PMP course, which places a larger emphasis on strategic and commercial understanding.

The PMP is the most prestigious and well-regarded project management certification in the world. The PMP certification attests to candidates’ possession of the essential project leadership abilities that modern organizations demand. Candidates’ employment chances in their current or future positions will be improved and their career advancement will be accelerated by earning a PMP certification.

What does PMP certification entail?

Since 1964, the Project Management Institute, a non-profit organization for project management with headquarters in the US, has offered the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. In 2007, the International Organization for Standardization granted it the ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation (ISO). Currently, it provides services to 3 million people worldwide. A PMP Certification guarantees that a candidate is qualified to begin, plan, and carry out a project.

What PMP has to Offer?

Learn from subject matter experts with certification: Acquire information from subject matter experts with PMP certifications who have the training and consulting expertise. Our instructors are qualified and experienced to deliver training that not only gets you ready for the PMP Exam but also outlines the overall advantages of earning the Project Management Professional credential.

Receive top-notch study materials: Course curriculum handbook’s chapter-ending exams and examples of PMP questions along with their explanations.

Free E-learning: You can access our Free PMP E-learning at any time, from any location. Even before you begin your PMP classroom or live online course, you can begin your exam preparation in earnest. After registration, our online course is good for six months. This will assist you in using our Learning Management System to study for the PMP exam online.

Check out our sample PMP prep assessments: We offer mock exams, sample questions, and explanations for each one. Your chances of passing the PMP Exam and getting a perfect score on your first try increase as you prepare more. In order to apply for the PMP Examination, you must earn 35 Contact Hours from our PMP training. Advise on the PMP Exam Application Procedure: We provide assistance with the PMP Exam Application Form to make the Exam Application Process easier for you to complete.

Training can be taken either in-class or in real-time online:  For businesses interested in project management training on-site at their offices, we also offer instructor-led On-Site courses. To meet your needs and your company’s learning and development goals as well as enterprise workforce development objectives, programs can also be tailored.

Flexible Batches: For working professionals, we provide unique weekend batches in addition to weekday batches. Courses for Live Online Training can be adjusted for your time zone.

Enjoy The benefits of Special Deals: If you’re a veteran or a student interested in enrolling in numerous courses, take advantage of our special offers.



The PMP certification has many benefits for the whole country. By using it, they could be able to stand out from the competition and obtain new employment. Benefits of PMP Certification in India There are many advantages to being a PMP in India.

Let’s examine each more closely:

1. A greater chance of earning money

In India, the median salary for certified project managers is 30% greater than for uncertified project managers.

2. Possibilities for Better Jobs

It helps to have an edge over other applicants in today’s competitive employment market. Possessing a PMP certification might show prospective employers that you have the skills necessary to succeed in a project management capacity.

3. Greater Recognizance:

On a global level, the PMP certification is recognized as a mark of exceptional project management proficiency. When seeking out new clients or working with other businesses, this might be helpful.

4. An increased professional network

One who holds the PMP certification as a project manager will have access to a vast network of colleagues. This could be helpful when seeking guidance or working on projects together.

5.More satisfied with one’s job:

One of the main benefits of the PMP certification in India is that qualified project managers are more likely to be happy in their work than uncertified project managers and are more likely to complete projects on schedule and on budget. Eligibilty for pursuing PMP

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Over 100 participants from companies like Steria, HP, Airvana, Tech Mahindra, CSC, SAP Labs, SunGard, RBS, Orange FTG Group, IBM, S1 Corporation, and TCS just to name a few, have chosen Knowlettwoods Solutions to prepare and successfully clear the PRINCE2 6th Edition Foundation and Practitioners Level Certification Examinations.

Here is YOUR chance to Pass the worldwide renowned AXELOS PRINCE2 6th Edition Certification – Foundation and Practitioners Level Examination using our easy step-by-step approach without weeks and months of endless studying.

Invest Four (4) Days in Knowlettwoods PRINCE2 6th Edition Certification Program:

  • Learn
  • Understand
  • Remember
  • Apply

Important Project Management concepts from the PRINCE2 6th Edition  Manual so that you can prepare for the PRINCE2 6th Edition Examination and also work towards becoming a better Project Manager along the path.

Kind Attention PMP® and CAPM® Certified Project Staff – Directly Appear for the PRINCE2 6th Edition Practitioner Exam without the need to clear the PRINCE2 6th Edition Foundation Level.

We also help the participants to apply the PRINCE2 6th Edition framework to their current project environment during the course so that they gain practical skills by using the techniques to handle real issues. PRINCE2 6th Edition Class sizes are kept small to facilitate trainer-student interaction and class discussions.

As such, we also present our participants with a UNIQUE OFFER where if you FAIL your PRINCE2 6th Edition Certification Examination (Foundation/Practitioners Level) at the First Attempt, We’ll PAY your EXAM Re-scheduling Fees to Exam Body on your Behalf!

Industry Verticals where PRINCE2 6th Edition Certification is well recognized:

Information Technology, Computers / Software / Data Processing, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Business Management Services, Engineering, Education/Training, Defense, Aerospace, Utilities.

Cost for PRINCE2 6th Edition Certification Program

The PRINCE2 6th Edition Certification is one of the most highly acclaimed Project Management credential all over the globe. The methodology has been established as a de-facto method for Project Management in the UK and is being widely practiced worldwide.

The certification has received huge level acceptance and recognition on an international level, and has emerged as an asset for entire project staff.

Knowlettwoods s conducts Four (4) Days PRINCE2 6th Edition Certification Preparation Program where you’ll be able to prepare as well as answer the PRINCE2 6th Edition Foundation and Practitioner level examinations at the training venue itself.

The PRINCE2 6th Edition Foundation &  Practitioner level exams are conducted on the Fourth Day of the training.

The total cost charged for Knowlettwoods PRINCE2 6th Edition Foundation and Practitioner Level Preparation Program is  INR. 60,000/- all inclusive per participant which comprises the training fee as well as the examination fee.

Why Knowlettwoods PRINCE2 6th Edition Certification Program?

The PRINCE2 6th Edition Certification training program conducted by Knowlettwoods is an interactive training course where participants are provided with a deep insight into the PRINCE2® Project Management methodology and are taught how to apply the Project Management best practices in the organizational environment.

This Four (4) days PRINCE2 6th Edition Foundation/Practitioner Level Certification Preparation Program also provides a very good opportunity for PMP® Certification holders to earn upto 40 Contact Hours towards the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) for retaining their hard earned PMP® credential.

This means that the money you pay in the form of your PRINCE2 6th Edition certification cost can be aptly regarded as an investment towards your career where you not only get to acquire the prestigious PRINCE2 6th Edition credential but also get to keep up with your PMP® CCRs.

Salient Features of Knowlettwoods PRINCE2 6th Edition Preparation Program:

  • Pre-training Reference Materials
  • World-class PRINCE2 6th Edition Certification Reference Handbook
  • Proof of course attendance/ participation in letter format.
  • PRINCE2 6th Edition Assessment/Practice Tests with an Analysis Sheet
  • Review Exercises to aid your PRINCE2 6th Edition certification exam preparation
  • Tips & Strategies for clearing the PRINCE2 6th Edition Certification Examination at the very first attempt

What Else? Knowlettwoods presents a UNIQUE OFFER for its PRINCE2® Certification Preparation Program, where

If you fail to clear your PRINCE2 6th Edition Certification Examination at the First Attempt, We’ll Pay Your Exam Rescheduling Fees directly to Exam Body!

For further information on PRINCE2 6th Edition certification cost and any other queries, please feel free to call us at +91 9354119471.

When you attend the Knowlettwoods PRINCE2 6th Edition Certification Program, you will learn how to:

  • Manage projects or work in a project environment using the most globally recognized project management method.
  • Deliver to budget, quality and time, while mitigating risks, managing interdependencies and identifying opportunities.
  • Use a Structured approach with controls to provide a delivery methodology that works repeatedly and will enable you to successfully deliver projects.
  • Design plans and reports to meet the needs of each level in the project team and Project Board, therefore, improving communication and control.
Sr. No.ModulesTopics Covered in Foundation LevelTopics Covered in Practitioners Level
Module IPRINCE2 6th Edition Introduction
  • PRINCE2 6th Edition – Understanding the Big Picture
  • Components of Project Planning
  • Project Management Processes
  • PRINCE2® and the Big Picture
  • Governance Themes and Processes for Project Management
  • Product Life Cycle
Module IIOrganization
  • Defines and Distributes responsibilities among the Project Management Team
  • Defines and Distributes responsibilities among the Project Management Team
Module IIIStarting up a Project
  • The essentials of a Business Case
  • Purpose of a Project Brief
  • Essentials of a Business Case
  • How to Prepare a Project Brief
Module IVInitiating the Project
  • Scope of Project Initiation
  • Purpose of preparing a Project Initiation Document
  • Importance of Project Planning
  • Compiling Project Initiation Document
Module VQuality Management
  • Understanding Customer Expectations
  • Purpose and Scope of a Quality Plan
  • Quality Review Techniques
  • Outlining Customer Expectations
  • Preparing a Quality management Strategy
  • Quality Review Techniques
Module VIPlanning
  • Product-based Planning
  • Understanding Product Based Plans
  • Product-based Planning
  • Transforming Products to Activities
Module VIIProgress Controls and Stages
  • Understanding Project Control
  • Defining the Authority Levels
  • Project Controls and Project Board Controls
  • Defining the Authority Levels
Module VIIIRisk Management
  • Sources and Types of Risk
  • Importance of Risk Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Approaches for Risk Management
  • Allocation of Risk Ownership
Module IXDirecting a Project
  • Taking Authority and Responsibility
  • Managing through Problems
  • Taking Authority and Responsibility
  • Managing through Problems
Module XManaging a Project
  • Managing Project Deliveries and Stage Boundaries
  • Managing Project Deliveries and Stage Boundaries
Module XIManaging Change
  • Why Change Control?
  • Configuration Management
  • Why Change Control?
  • Configuration Management
Module XIIClosing a Project
  • Benefits of obtaining a formal project sign-off
  • Post-Project Review Plans
  • Benefits of obtaining a formal project sign-off
  • Why Post-Project Reviews?
Module XIIIClass Exercises
  • Reviewing PRINCE2 6th Edition Project Documents
  • Live Case Study demonstrating the application of PRINCE2 6th Edition techniques on real projects
  • Generating Example Templates
Module XIVExam Preparation
  • Sample Practice Questions for PRINCE2 6th Edition Foundation Level Exam
  • Practice Questions / Sample Papers for PRINCE2 6th Edition Practitioners Level Exam

(Designed to Help You Succeed and Allow us to Function Optimally as an organization)

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Our Unique, copyrighted Training Methodology allows the best possible approach to prepare and successfully clear the PRINCE2 6th Edition Certification Exam.

Certified Trainers with relevant, hands-on Industry Experience, World-Class Courseware based on Latest Adult Learning Techniques, Online Question Banks with Graphical Reports, and Dedicated Post Training Support have been developed and regularly updated to help participants Pass the PRINCE2 6th Edition Certification Exam at the very First Attempt!

Results speak for themselves – Over 97% of our past participants have cleared the PRINCE2 6th Edition Certification Exam on the very First Attempt! On top of it, our UNIQUE OFFER awards you with peace of mind which comes from knowing that you selected the Right Partner – Knowlettwoods Solutions for your professional development.

We Wish you Good Luck !

Dear Participant/Certification Aspirant, when you register online/by phone/in person/by email for Knowlettwoods PRINCE2 6th Edition Preparation Program, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

Program Registration:

Kindly note that registration for a particular program cannot be considered guaranteed until & unless:

  1. Full payment of the Program Charges is made via Current Dated Cheque / Demand Draft / Online Transfer/ Credit Card within Two (2) Days of the Registration and in any case before the program start date
  2. Has been explicitly acknowledged by Knowlettwoods Solutions employee over Email.
  3. Online Admit Card has been issued to you, which is mandatory to carry on the First (01) Day of the Training Program

Cheque should be made in favour of “KNOWLETT LEARNING LLP” payable at New Delhi. You also have the option to pay by credit card, debit card, cheque, or online via Razorpay/HDFC.

Kindly note, we do not have any association/partner companies in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Chandigarh – and any financial transaction or otherwise has to be done with our Knowlettwoods Solutions employee only.

In case, you have chosen to pay by Cheque – Your Seat would be confirmed only upon successful realization of the Cheque i.e. when your Cheque is cleared and we receive your funds in our account.

In the event a Cheque is returned for insufficient funds, we will allow Two (2) Business days for you to make full payment.

An additional fee of Rs. 500/- will be charged for each returned Cheque.

Lack of payment for any reason whatsoever may result in collection proceedings and we reserve the right to notify APMG that your Course Transcript or Certificate has been suspended due to non-payment.

The Program Charges cover the registration/participation charges, and all other Program Deliverables in addition to snacks/lunch during the Four Days Training Program.

Program Cancellation Policy:

We may have to cancel any particular Program due to inclement weather, instructor illness, insufficient enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances.

Having said that, We understand and appreciate your commitment to PRINCE2 6th Edition Certification Exam and as such, we will make all reasonable efforts to reschedule a cancelled program or make alternate arrangements to provide you with training.

You have the option to re-schedule the program or enroll for similar program available at another time or choose to obtain a full refund.

All refunds are processed in Fifteen (15) business days from the scheduled program end date.

Fees Refund & Program Rescheduling Policy:

To deliver enriching experience to you, Knowlettwoods Solutions Team puts a lot of hard work behind the scenes – Logistics, Hotel Arrangements, and Travel Arrangements etc.

As such, it becomes necessary to levy fees if you choose to Cancel Your Registration or Do not Attend Full Training Program at once.

If a candidate cannot attend a booked course or examination, it is the candidate’s responsibility to inform Knowlett Learning LLP by email as soon as possible.

If you cancel after registration before Seven (07) business days of the actual program start date, you will be charged Rs. 2,500/- towards cancellation fees.

Cancellation within Seven (7) business days of the actual program start date will result in forfeiture of the entire course fee.

All refunds will be processed Thirty (30) business days after the end date of the actual scheduled program.

You also have the option to postpone your program to another program subject to availability and Knowlettwoods Solutions Management approval.

No re-scheduling fee is levied if re-scheduling is done before Seven (07) business days prior to the actual class start date, otherwise a Nominal Re-scheduling fee of Rs 3200/- is levied.

Cancellation of postponed program results in forfeiture of program charges.

For you to clear PRINCE2 6th Edition Certification Exam at the very FIRST ATTEMPT, Knowlettwoods strongly recommends you to Attend the Complete Training Program at one go i.e. continuously.

In case, You are not able to attend the Full Training program at once:
– Our Unique Offer to Pay your Exam Re-scheduling Fees stands null and void.
– Rescheduling Charge of INR 3200/- will be levied.
– PDU’s Certificate will be On-Hold/Not Issued till you complete the Entire Training Program.

PRINCE2 6th Edition Certificates

a. For the Foundation Exam:
i. Result – Pass/Fail is communicated by the Trainer within 24 hours of the exam.
ii. Official Result from the exam body is communicated to us within 2-3 Weeks via email
iii. Same is shared with the participants via email/phone call.
iv. Only Soft Copy of Certificate will be issued by AXELOS®.

b. For the Practitioners Exam:
i. Result – Pass/Fail is communicated by exam body to us via Email within 2-3 Weeks of the exam.
ii. Same is shared with the participants via email/phone call.
iii. Official Result from exam body is communicated to us within 2-3 Weeks via email.
iv. Only Soft Copy of Certificate  will be issued by AXELOS®.

Please Note: For Hard Copy of the Certificate, Participants have to bear an additional charge of INR 2000/- for each certificate.

Copyrights and Proprietary Property:

We will provide to you manuals and other material, which are copyrighted proprietary property of Knowlettwoods Solutions.

All copyrights relating to any course materials provided or made available by us or any other party during the program remain the sole property of the holder of the copyright.

Therefore, no part of any course materials may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, or translated into any language, without our prior written consent.

Any such reproduction, storage or transmittal of copyrighted material constitutes a violation of the AXELOS code of ethics and will be reported to AXELOS leading to suspension of your PRINCE2 6th Edition Credential.






MOST IMPORTANT : Our Unique Offer Terms:

Knowlettwoods Solutions has been the First and till-date, the only Professional Development Company in India to offer the most transparent, easy to understand Unique Offer for their training programs.

If you are not able to CLEAR the PRINCE2 6th Edition Exam on your First Attempt, we will:
a) PAY your Exam Re-scheduling Fees (Please note that the Exam Re-scheduling Fees will be paid directly to Exam Body, and not to the candidates)
b) Analyze your Exam Results
c) Provide Web-based/Phone based coaching for PRINCE2 6th Edition Certification Examination

– You have attended the Full Two (2) and/or Two (2) Days Training Program without any interruption and appeared in the examination during the training program.

Knowlettwoods liability is limited only to the payment of your exam re-scheduling fees and is restricted only to your failure in the first attempt at PRINCE2 6th Edition exam.





Knowlettwoods Solutions reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice.

Dear Participant/Certification Aspirant,

When you register online/by phone/in person/by email for Knowlettwoods PRINCE2 6th Edition Training Program, you are agreeing to abide by the above mentioned terms and conditions.


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